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Enroll America

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What is the Affordable Care Act?

In October 2013, uninsured Americans will be eligible to sign up for new health insurance options in the Affordable Care Act. The insurance benefits take effect Jan. 1, 2014, and could potentially provide coverage for 32 million uninsured adults.

This means there will be new "health insurance marketplaces," where you can compare prices and shop for health insurance online, in person, or by phone.

Your new coverage will include:
  • doctor visits
  • hospital stays
  • preventive care
  • prescriptions
  • and more
Did you know …

HFM has partnered with a national nonprofit group called Enroll America, to create a seamless consumer-friendly enrollment process, and ensure that Americans know about the Affordable Care Act … how and where to sign up for coverage.

You might even qualify for help paying for it.

With health reform changing by the minute, it’s good to know Holy Family Memorial is ready to stand by your side. Established over 115 years ago to serve you, our community, we are standing strong to support you today. When choosing a plan, choose a trusted advisor who is going to be with you for the long haul. If you are signing up for a plan on the federal facilitated exchange (marketplace), Holy Family Memorial is a provider in following companies:

Online Marketplace plans that include Holy Family Memorial
  • WPS Arise
  • Prevea360
  • Common Ground -Trilogy network
But of course, we are also available in private plans outside of the federal exchange. You can find a list of companies we provide for here.

View complete list of plans that include Holy Family Memorial

Enroll America has launched an education campaign called Get Covered America, to inform as many individuals as possible.

Watch the video below and help spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors. Help us “Enroll America!”

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