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Innovation at HFM receives National Recognition

The environment of change at Holy Family Memorial is being recognized and observed at the national level. As hospitals prepare for a future with more patients because of an aging population along with lower payment reimbursement, HFM is moving ahead with improvement/ innovation projects and outstanding results. The magazine ‘Global Business and Organization Excellence’ has noticed their efforts and featured HFM in a story co-authored by HFM’s Scott McMeans. The article begins by looking at HFM’s 2007 innovation implementation and follows the healthcare network’s challenges and successes through today while looking at its culture and hopes for the future.

Scott McMeans has been employed at Holy Family Memorial for the past six years, and is currently administrative director of strategic implementation. McMeans oversees many business functions, including coordination of strategic and business planning activities, strategic partnerships, Lean/Six Sigma operations, and legislative and advocacy activities, and is involved with many client-employer relations.