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HVC Adds Life Saving Equipment

In HFM’s Heart and Vascular Center’s cardiac catheterization lab, life often hangs in the balance. When patients are experiencing chest pain and are in need of an emergency heart catheterization, taking quick action and applying appropriate levels of intervention are absolutely critical. Where the heart is involved, there’s rarely time to transport patients outside of our area. The fact that HFM’s Heart and Vascular Center is the only full-time program in Manitowoc County is of significant benefit to those who need immediate help.

HFM’s Fund Development Department announces that funds raised from generous donors in the community have been used to help purchase new equipment that aid HFM interventional cardiologists in further improving patient outcomes. Called Rotablator, the instrument removes blockages in coronary arteries as a sole therapy or with angioplasty and stenting. In certain cases, it can even serve as an alternative to coronary artery bypass surgery. Essentially, it’s one more interventional tool HFM cardiologists can use to maximize the chances of saving a life.

According to Dr. Michael Rosenberg of HFM’s Heart and Vascular Center, “The Rotablator device is sophisticated and is used to address complex and calcified coronary artery blockages that are otherwise not amenable to conventional angioplasty and stent procedures. It affords these patients a treatment option that avoids coronary bypass surgery.”

In a typical heart catheterization case, the need for Rotablator would not be known until lesions (heart blockages) are found during the catheterization. Previously, other less effective interventions would be used and this equipment further enhances the chances of success. It brings big city care right here to Manitowoc County.