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Renovation of Women’s and Children’s Unit

Anyone driving past Holy Family Memorial recently may be wondering about the scaffolding going up on the eastern-most side of the building. The HTR has learned it represents a complete remodel of the fourth-floor Women’s and Children’s Center. Aptly, completion is expected in nine months.

Over the past year, HFM has embarked on initiatives to find out what the women in the lakeshore area want and need to take care of themselves and their families. The top three things that the planning team heard over and over was convenience, modern, state-of-the-art care, and a comfortable atmosphere for them and their families. With that in mind, HFM is investing in facility improvements that support true patient/family centered care, both functionally and aesthetically.

Major structural improvements are being made – not just paint and wallpaper. The wing will be completely transformed to improve comfort and convenience for both patients and staff. The nurse’s station and newborn nursery will be moved to a more central location to improve access to patients on both the delivery and postpartum wings, as well as to provide a reception area for visiting guests. The east side of the unit will feature five brand new labor/delivery/recovery rooms and an updated surgical suite for caesarian deliveries. The west end of the unit will contain nine private patient rooms for postpartum patients or those recovering from gynecologic surgeries. The environment will be totally changed using the latest contemporary decorating trends that give patients and visitors an experience of warmth, comfort and renewal.

“This is so exciting not only for HFM but the entire community,” said Ruth Rodda, new Director of Women’s and Children’ Services at HFM. “When they visit, many of the grandparents or great grandparents of our newest patients share their experiences with family about when they delivered their children at HFM. We are certain that everyone will be amazed when they see the new unit.”

In the interim, the Women’s and Children’s Center will be located on the 5th floor, West end area which has been completely updated to create a warm and lovely setting for patients and families.

Visit www.hfmhealth.org/womens-childrens to see videos of the floor plan for the new unit, and for future construction updates or visit the West entrance of the HFM Medical Center to view a virtual tour display of the new wing and its improvements.