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Parkinson's Disease Program

Holy Family Memorial is excited to announce its new Parkinson Disease exercise class, just in time for Parkinson Awareness Month. Holy Family Memorial’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Center combine expertise to offer a special, supervised exercise class for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) or those who believe they are in early stages. PD patients frequently have gait impairments, difficulty in linking movements together smoothly and episodes of freezing, a spontaneous loss of mobility.

This exercise class will help recently diagnosed patients maintain their function and improve balance, as well as strengthen and stretch muscles, gain confidence in performing daily activities, increase walking speed and endurance, reduce ‘freezing’ and muscle cramping through a series of specially designed exercises.

Early signs of Parkinson Disease include:
  • Slow tremors (shaking) of hands mainly at rest
  • Increased difficulty getting in and out of bed, chair or car
  • Slowing down with day-to-day activities and walking
  • Difficulty maintaining balance and tendency to fall
  • Slowing of your speech with lower volume and pitch
  • Drooling from the mouth, especially while sleeping and sitting for extended periods
All or some of these symptoms may indicate possible signs of Parkinson Disease and further clinical assessment with the HFM Neuroscience Clinic, Krishna Bhatt, MD, – 320.3880.

For those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, a special exercise class, supervised by a physical therapist and exercise specialist will help minimize the effects of PD. All participants will have an initial assessment to begin the program. A program will be developed based on the needs of each participant that will include a combination of walking on the treadmill, stretching exercise and strength training.

The class begins April 3 at the HFM Wellness Center, 1650 South 41st, Manitowoc. Class will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Participants may come at 12:45 p.m. to monitor blood pressure and heart rate. The class fee is $20/month for Wellness Center members and $35/month for non-members. The initial and follow-up assessments are included in the fee.

Exercise is Medicine! For more information call 320.4600