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HFM Maritime Marathon now USATF Certified

As a result of the recent cancellation of the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon and the Madison Marathon due to heat related issues, HFM Maritime Marathon in Manitowoc’s race organizers have decided to have the course USATF certified. This certification will allow runners to qualify for races like the Boston Marathon.        

The HFM Maritime Marathon is being held on Sunday, June 24. The intricately engineered course starts at the University of Wisconsin - Manitowoc, hugging the lakeshore on roads and paved trails for at least two-thirds of the race to Port Sandy Bay in Two Rivers and back.  Race organizers say it’s a fast and flat run. The race is open to the first 800 people – 500 solo runners, 50 relay teams of two runners, and 50 relay teams of 4 runners.

While Lake Michigan should provide “natural air conditioning” along the race route, HFM offers these additional tips to help beat the heat:

  • Practice fluid and nutritional replacement as part of your training regimen, and don’t try anything new on race day.
  • Train in similar conditions to your race, so that your body can acclimate.
  • Consider weighing yourself before and after a long run to estimate your body’s fluid loss and how much you need to replace.
  • Do not overdrink; runners should drink about 10-20 ounces per hour.
  • Make sure to replace electrolytes; consider diluted sports drinks for hydration or gels containing salt to balance electrolyte losses from sweat.

The HFM Maritime Marathon consists of a marathon, two person marathon relay and a four person relay. The two person relay will consist of two 13.1 mile segments; the four person relay distances covered will vary from roughly 6 to 8 miles.

            For more information on the marathon, and a link to registration, visit