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Annual Dinner Held

Holy Family Memorial recently held its annual dinner at the Manitowoc Holiday Inn. The “Reform Ready” themed event was inspired by HFM’s Reform Roadmap which is a nationally recognized training guide developed at HFM and focusing on meeting the national challenges ahead at the local level.

HFM President and CEO Mark Herzog reflected, “2011 was a challenging year for HFM as it was nationally with the number of mergers and physician practices purchases reaching the highest level since 1990 … reinforcing what HFM has long known – that physicians and healthcare organizations need to work together.” The collaboration between HFM and physicians has been on-going for more than 20 years and is at the core of HFM’s strength as an organization allowing it to bring a superior patient experience to the residents of Manitowoc County.

Herzog also highlighted several 2011 HFM accomplishments brought about by its commitment to excellence in the patient experience through innovative thinking. 
  • Patient Centered Medical Homes implemented at HFM Family Medicine and HFM Internal Medicine
  • Electronic Medical Records fully implemented before being mandated by the federal government
  • Implementation of HFM’s nationally recognized Reform Roadmap
  • The opening of two new clinics: HFM Rheumatology and HFM Infectious Diseases
In its mission to take care of people in need, board chair William Censky reported that 1.7 million in charity care was given as support of those unable to pay. Noting, “St. Francis would be pleased.” St. Francis is the patron saint of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity who sponsor Holy Family Memorial. Censky also mentioned, “In addition to charity care HFM provided $7.2 million for the cost of care that is left unpaid by public programs and $13.8 million for the unpaid cost of Medicare procedures with HFM’s overall benefit to the community at $23.5 million.”

Censky reported that HFM is a financially solid organization; however, the uncertainty of the reform ahead will bring constant challenges and adjustment to meet changes in the current healthcare environment. He stated HFM management has met challenges in the past and he is confident it will continue to do so in the future.

Sister Louise Hembrecht, Community Director of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity addressed those attending and commented on the Supreme Court Hearings for and against the current health care reform legislation and its decision being months away. “The market is not waiting for new laws to be passed or affirmed. It is calling you to change now … this sea change in the way care is delivered is slow in coming to many communities but it is well on its way here in Manitowoc thanks to your leadership. The health care model for the future may evolve into a structure we have never anticipated but it will be a success if it keeps alive and constant the mission, vision and values that have served you so well over these many years.” She concluded her comments with, “I share with you how extremely proud we are of the Board, Senior Management, Physician and staff of this wonder network. You are a powerful witness to others through who you are and what you do for your patients and their families and the communities of Northeast Wisconsin.”

HFM Board Chair William Censky introduced new board members Sister Jan Villemure and Dr. William Hampton.

Special recognition and gratitude was extended to retiring board members Sr. Mardelle Meinholz and Dr. Michael McCormick.