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Wellness Forum April 17

Wellness Programs Result in Better Health, Lower Costs

On Thursday, April 17, HFM will host a Wellness Forum to address how employees’ health impacts organizations, how to improve your organization through Wellness programs, and how to make Manitowoc a County Healthier.  HFM is collaborating with Healics, Inc., Miller St. Nazianz, Americollect and The Manitowoc County Chamber to host this forum from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. at Holy Family Memorial.  Contact Leslie Schisel at lschisel@hfmhealth.com with questions or register online here.

In continuing population health efforts to provide the right care in the right setting for the right outcomes, Holy Family Memorial has demonstrated significant wellness results for Manitowoc County to help individuals and our community achieve healthier lives. This occurred through annual health risk assessments (HRAs) with more than 4000 adults in Manitowoc County whereby averages scores increased from 74.9 in 2012 to 75.6 in 2013. 

Organizations are continuing to implement ways to improve the overall health of their workforce while trying to decrease total healthcare spending.  To do this effectively incorporating health risk assessments (HRA’s), insurance discounts or premium incentives, and wellness programs are necessary within their organizations.

HRA’s provide health risk data to employees, which places them into one of five risk categories.  Scores are based on a 0-100 scale with a higher score indicating a healthier employee.  The average health score for more than 4000 adults in Manitowoc County was 75.6 out of a total 100 points in 2013. This score shows improvement from the previous year with a score of 74.9.

Holy Family Memorial (HFM) partners with Healics, Inc., a health risk assessment firm, to offer HRA’s to organizations in order to help them identify risk factors affecting their organizations.  Healics’ data suggests that organizations will experience a 1.8 percent savings of total healthcare claims for each HRA point improvement; which translates to millions of dollars for Manitowoc County organizations.

In 2007, the average score from HFM’s Manitowoc County participants was 69.5, so the total County HRA score has increase nearly six total points since that time demonstrating a direct and positive result on the health of our entire population, as well as lowering total healthcare expenses.

Manitowoc County’s average health score of 75.6 is actually above the Healics nationwide average of 73.8. The Manitowoc County data provides a population health outlook to focus on areas for improvement.  The positive areas of blood pressure, glucose and total cholesterol indicate Manitowoc County is on the road to success.  However, in order to achieve a healthier community, Manitowoc needs to develop programs to identify and improve body fat, weight and LDL Cholesterol.

Population health involves understanding a patient’s “social determinants” instead of the traditional episodic care healthcare model focused on when someone is sick. There are four social determinants commonly used when practicing population health and contributing to a patient’s health outcomes, each posing a different weight on the outcome.

Clinical care is 20 percent, physical environment is 10 percent, health behaviors are 30 percent, and the final 40 percent is socioeconomic factors.  Since 80 percent of population health has nothing to do with traditional clinical care, it is apparent to achieve active collaboration between hospitals, businesses, physicians, community organizations, local government, educational systems and others.

The Advisory Board Company recommends that becoming a successful population health organization requires health systems to lower healthcare spending, align care management resources with the population of its community, identify wasteful expenses, and increase quality of care. This is no easy task and requires strategies to effectively execute initiatives, prioritize resources, and utilize evidence-based performance measures.

HFM created their own culture of wellness by implementing a variety of wellness initiatives. In 2013, HFM was a recipient of the Wellness Council of America Gold Award which names them as one of America’s Healthiest Companies.  HFM continues to partner with Manitowoc County organizations in making a collaborative effort to improve the health of the community by providing wellness services such as HRA’s, wellness coaching, disease management coaching, educational sessions and much more.  HFM is dedicated on helping individuals and our communities achieve healthier lives.

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