Monday, February 08, 2016 - HFM President & CEO to Present at National Rural Health Care Conference

Holy Family Memorial President and CEO Mark Herzog will deliver a presentation at the 2016 Rural Health Care Leadership Conference on Tuesday, February 9, in Phoenix, AZ.

Herzog will present with James Deren, CareTech Solutions, on “Trends in Health Care Technology.” Declining patient admissions and the emergence of outpatient specialty and preventative care services motivated HFM to redefine its business model to align with a new environment by reducing inpatient services and increasing connectivity and service throughout the community. Recognizing that patient and provider engagement was necessary, Herzog will share how HFM invested in technology by providing a robust information systems, collaborating with other providers and retailers, providing system access and tools, and implementing a data analytics program.

Herzog and Deren will also address what considerations organizations need to look at when building a culture where IT is a strategic asset, fully leveraged to achieve business goals and engage patients, providers, and staff. Session attendees will learn how to predict trends and pursue initiatives that will best engage multiple generations of consumers.

The Rural Health Care Leadership Conference offers rural healthcare leaders an opportunity to learn from top researchers, strategists, and practitioners and receive the tools and approaches they need to transform a rural healthcare organization. Learn more about the conference at

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