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The “RightCare” to keep you healthy!

When it comes to your health, what exactly IS the right care?
In today’s era of uncertainty, it’s a tough question.
But at HFM the answer is crystal clear:
“right care” is our unique point of view
on how healthcare should be delivered.

What does it mean for me?
  • The way we see it, you want to stay as healthy as possible and have access to the wellness tools and services that help you achieve YOUR optimal health. That’s RightCare.
  • If you DO need healthcare, you want to receive it in a setting that’s convenient, whether a clinic or in your home, and you want to stay out of the hospital whenever possible. That’s RightCare.
  • And you want the best value in healthcare, which means excellent quality care that in the long run is less costly, because it’s done right the first time. That’s RightCare.

So what can I do?

We challenge you to commit to achieving your optimal level of wellness...to take control of your health for the RIGHT outcomes. But we know you can’t do it alone.

We have many tools that can help:

Visit your primary care physician for an annual checkup. If you are just starting your wellness journey, this is the first step. See our list of primary care providers currently accepting patients. If you are Medicare age, contact us for a Wellness Visit, provided at no cost to you!

Want to lose weight? Join the HFM Wellness Center, a full service fitness center with wellness classes, regular and warm water therapy pools, Wellspa, and more. If you are Medicare age, learn how you can lose weight with our Living Lighter program, which is offered at no cost to you!

If you have an existing chronic condition, learn how to manage it better through our Living Well with Chronic Disease program, Exercise is Medicine classes, or talking to our board-certified rheumatologist.

Get the health tips you need online! At HFM’s Taste of Wellness page, you will find healthy recipes and valuable information on things like nutrition, fitness, emotional health, and more. Visit hfmhealth.org/TasteOfWellness for the inspiration you need for a healthier life!

Check out our latest offerings of health talks and screens. We offer regular health events throughout the year. View our latest offerings – most of them free or low cost – and take another step toward managing your health. View other Health screenings

Remember, your health journey doesn’t just magically happen … it begins with one step … whether taking the stairs, drinking more water, or just being more aware of what you eat. We all have to start somewhere, and we’re here for you when you’re ready to take control of your health!

What does RightCare mean for our community?

See the impact on our community