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Allergy Testing

HFM Otolaryngology offers allergy testing

Finding out what you are allergic to is an important step in effectively treating your allergies. We offer two types of allergy testing:

Allergy skin test:
  1. a small amount of the suspected allergen is placed in the skin to see if a reaction develops. Many suspected allergens can be tested at the same time.
  2. If you are allergic to one of the tests, redness or swelling will appear in the test area.
  3. Skin testing offers results within 30 minutes, is generally more specific due to the sensitivity of the testing and often is less expensive as well.

Allergy blood test:

  1. Often used when a patient is taking a medication that can interfere with skin testing, but cannot be stopped for a few days.
  2. Because the blood test needs to be sent to a lab it takes a few days for a patient to receive their results.
  3. Blood tests often cost more than skin tests.

The results from either test need to be discussed and interpreted by a healthcare provider along with a review of your medical history to help determine how to effectively treat your allergies.

Most insurance companies cover allergy testing.

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