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Performance Enhancement Programs

Increase your athletic potential


Strength Training 101 

The Wellness Center is offering a free introductory class for Strength Training 101, a 16-week session teaching participants to build muscle and increase power, strength and endurance. For high school and college athletes.

Learn the importance of warm ups, weight training principles, proper lifting techniques, factors affecting a program and designing a program to meet your needs. This class includes pre- and post-tests to help gauge progress. Learn to avoid plateaus by making weekly changes dictated by the program.

To register please call the Wellness Center at 320.4600.  

 TRX Suspension Training
Build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and prevent injuries! You choose the intensity of your workout - making it ideal for all fitness levels. TRX was developed by the Navy Seals using leveraged bodyweight for strength & conditioning.

$15 / need to be a member!
Call for details:  320.4600


Training for a Marathon?
Or Do You Want To Become A Better Runner?

HFM Wellness Center and HFM Sports Medicine are here to help you achieve your race goals and make you a more effecient runner.  Join our experts as we guide you through training runs, cross training and strength training classes.  HFM Sports Medicine is here to assist you with tips on how to avoid those pesky injuries that so many runners face. 
Below is a list of events designed for runners of all abilities.

Cross Training and Strength Training for the Runner- A great way to get ready for your next race is to cross train and strengthen!
Attend any of the classes listed below for only $5/ class or $20/class (for non-WC members).  These classes are free for all Wellness Center
Members.  Join the WC now and our staff will help you get ready to run a PR!
 TIME                     Monday                 Tuesday                            Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
 6:00 am     CX Works: 30 min class    
 9:00 am TRX: 45 min class Kettlebell: 45 min class TRX: 45 min class Kettlebell: 45 min class  
 12:15 pm CX Works: 30 min class TRX: 45 min class   WIPP: 30 min class  
CX Works: 30 min class
 4:15 pm TRX/Kettlebell combo: 45 min class     TRX: 45 min class  
 6:10 pm     TRX/Kettlebell Combo: 45 min class    
 7:00 pm   CX Works: 30 min class      
* Call 320-4600 to sign up or just stop by at the HFM Wellness Center reception desk to join a class