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Maintain Your Brain

Do you ever feel like your memory just isn’t what it used to be?
Forgetting names easier than you used to…
or having trouble remembering where you left your car in the parking lot?


How much do you know about brain health?

  1. TRUE or FALSE – Once we reach maturity, our brain has fully developed and does not grow any further. Answer: False - The brain, like every other organ, has the capacity to change, grow and heal itself—this is known as “brain elasticity.”
  2. TRUE or FALSE – Everyone can benefit from learning to do something they’ve never done before—regardless of age. Answer: True – You CAN teach an old dog new tricks ... it’s just that an old dog can’t learn as easily as a young dog.
  3. What is one of the first senses to be affected by Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) - sight, hearing, taste, smell or balance? Answer: Smell - The neurons responsible for scent are similar to the neurons damaged in AD, and are therefore affected early.

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