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Cancer Rehabilitation

What is cancer rehabilitation?
With cancer treatments you can develop some physical deficits affecting your ability to function normally throughout the day whether it be cooking at home, doing yard work or being able to complete the essential duties of your job. Physical therapy enacted prior to or after cancer treatments can help you overcome these deficits.

Goals of therapy for cancer
The ultimate goal of therapy is to achieve full return of function in all affected areas. Therapy will focus on: decreasing areas of pain and swelling, improving areas with limited strength or ROM, improve balance and walking patterns if necessary.

Cancer Rehabilitation at Rehab Plus evaluates your deficits before and after surgery. We will work with you to establish an exercise program that fits your needs and helps you transition to the Wellness Center.

We will also treat secondary diagnosis related to chemotherapy and radiation to get you back to your daily activities. Physical activity during and after treatment can help reduce stress and fatigue, and improve your overall quality of life.

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