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Cancer Registry

Accredited by American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer since 1998
Holy Family Memorial participates in a statewide program to improve the quality of cancer detection and care of all cancer patients. As required by the State of Wisconsin and the Accreditation of American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer, the cancer registry is an information system established for the collection, storage management and analysis of cancer data. We have a continual data collection for the purpose of helping to assess and control the impact of cancer care in the community. Four categories of information are collected by the cancer registry: patient demographics, tumor (cancer) identification, treatment, and outcome.

  • Demographic data consists of the personal information about a patient such as the patient’s name, age, gender, race, ethnicity, residence, etc.

  • Tumor identification results from the diagnostic findings about a patient. It includes the primary site of the malignancy, its cell type, and the extent of the disease.

  • Data collection continues after a patient is diagnosed with cancer. Information collected regarding cancer treatment includes: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone and immunotherapy.

  • Data about the outcomes of treatment continues to be gathered after the cancer patient has received treatment. Patient status is updated regularly to maintain accurate surveillance information. Lifetime follow-up of patients permits registries to record information about patient survival. This information is obtained through hospital readmissions, outpatient visits, letters to physicians, and letters to the patients themselves.

Cancer registries collect accurate and complete cancer data. This data can be used for cancer control and epidemiological research, to assist public health officials and agencies in the planning and evaluation of cancer prevention, and to help develop new and better cancer treatments.

Cancer Conference
Our multidisciplinary team participates in a monthly Cancer Conference at HFM. This team includes: radiation oncology, medical oncology, surgery, pathology, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, allied health and staff from the Cancer Care Center.

Three cases are presented each month. Physicians and staff discuss the treatment options available to the patient and suggestions for pre-treatment, adjuvant therapy, treatments for disease progression or recurrence, and treatments for metastatic disease.

Cancer Committee Meeting
Cancer Committee meetings are a requirement of the Commission on Cancer and ensures all Cancer Registry functions are performed within the Commission’s guidelines. One primary function is sending correct data to the State and National Registries to ensure the accuracy of all cancer statistics. Cancer Committee meetings are held four times a year.

Approved Cancer Program
The American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer only approves hospital programs that maintain four key components: a cancer committee, multi-specialty teaching conferences, patient care evaluations and a cancer registry.

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) reevaluates our cancer program every three years. Accreditation is given for excellence in maintaining all areas of the standards. For more information about the American College of Surgeons see

Confidentiality Statement
All patient information collected by the Holy Family Memorial Cancer Registry is kept confidential, in accordance with Wisconsin Law HFS 124.14 and established hospital and Wisconsin Cancer Registry policies. The information collected is only used to aid research and to improve the detection and treatment of cancer now and in the future.

Wisconsin State Statute 255.04
Wisconsin law describes how cancer cases must be reported to the State Cancer Registry.

  • All reporting facilities must use a prescribed form to submit the cancer report.

  • All reporting facilities must follow the required schedule when submitting the report.

  • All reporting facilities must report the required types of cancer and precancerous conditions.

  • The statute also requires that any information gathered must remain confidential.

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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
The Wisconsin Cancer Registry is considered a public health entity. As a public health entity, Holy Family Memorial Cancer Registry may continue to report cancer patient information confidentially without violating HIPAA.

American Cancer Society (ACS)
Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC)
Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)