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If you have a heart attack, get to the closest facility with a cath lab immediately by calling 911 and choosing HFM… the only 24/7 cath lab in Manitowoc & Sheboygan Counties.

Cardiac Catheterization is a diagnostic procedure for evaluating certain problems with the heart and its blood supply. The procedure involves your cardiologist inserting a long, flexible tube called a catheter into the heart to measure pressures, inject dye, and take x-ray pictures.

Cardiac catheterization provides information about:

  • The blood flow through the heart and coronary arteries (blood vessels that supply blood to the heart), or other major blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart
  • Pressure within the heart chambers
  • The detailed structure of various parts of the heart and vascular system
  • The hearts pumping ability
The cardiac and vascular catheterization X-ray imaging system at HFM recently underwent a radical but invisible change. The equipment, used by interventional cardiologists and vascular surgeons for imaging when opening blocked arteries throughout the body, has been upgraded with a new revolutionary system that cuts radiation exposure to patients by 73% while maintaining quality images. The impressive new system is able to adjust in real time to the depth and area of anatomy being viewed and will be especially beneficial to high risk patients and those needing procedures taking an extended amount of time. It is one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the United States.

 Holy Family Memorial's Cardiodiagnostics Department provides multiple services to diagnose heart disease.