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Clinical Trials

Partnering with St. Vincent's Cancer Research Institute in Green Bay, has enabled the HFM Cancer Center to offer clinical trials to patients right here at home!

Clinical trials are research studies in which study participants help doctors find ways to improve cancer care. Each study evaluates newer treatments and see if they are as effective or better than the current standard cancer treatments.

Patient Safety
Clinical trials undergo a rigorous review and oversight to protect the rights and safety of the people who enroll. HFM’s Institutional Review Board must review all new and continuing studies at least annually. Patients who take part in trials are watched very closely by the doctor and staff to monitor the patient’s health and evaluate the response to treatments.

Phases of Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are one of the final stages of a long and careful cancer research process. This process is designed to find out if promising approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are safe and effective.

Different phases of a clinical trial determine drug dose, safety, and effectiveness. Most of our trials are called Phase III trials. These trials are the final evaluation of a new treatment before it can be offered as a new therapy for cancer patients.

Participation in a Clinical Trial
Patients wish to participate in clinical trials for various reasons. Some wish to contribute to medical research and help in the long-term fight against cancer. Others wish to have access to medications or treatments otherwise not available to the general public. Enrolling in a trial is completely voluntary and if you choose not to enroll, you will still receive the best care available.

Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find better treatments and improve the health of cancer patients.

Ask your doctor if you might qualify for a clinical trial.

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