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Community Benefit

Holy Family Memorial is proud to say that our employees/providers daily live our mission far beyond our hospital walls and clinical settings.

The following story clearly illustrates this fact:

HFM offers an array of special programs and activities to help meet the community’s broader health and social needs. Our community programs include educational outreach, health screenings, support groups, and many other charitable services.

HFM's total economic impact is 410 million dollars through the people we directly employ, goods and services we purchase and taxes we pay.

 In 2006, The Crossing of Manitowoc County was established to help abortion vulnerable women make informed decisions about the life of their baby. Research shows that approximately 84% of abortion vulnerable women and 90% of men, who see their unborn baby during an ultrasound, indeed do choose life for their baby.

In 2012, through fund-raising efforts of the local Knights of Columbus, an obstetrical ultrasound unit was generously provided to The Crossing which extended its services and established a medical clinic. The Crossing’s Board and staff were very pleased when Dr. William (Bill) Leach, Jr. DO of Holy Family Memorial agreed to be their volunteer medical director.

Dr. Bill Leach is responsible for assuring that the clinic staff and medical team provide the highest professional standard of health care to their patients. He provides oversight and leadership for all medical aspects of clinic’s operations.

Dr. Leach also approves all medical information distributed or communicated through The Crossing’s medical clinic. He approves and upholds all medical policies and procedures and assures that all staff is oriented to the policies. Dr. Leach is in close contact with the nurse manager and sonographer to assure that the best level of medical care is provided at all times.

In the opinion of the staff, Dr. Leach has proved to be the perfect medical director. 

He is spoken of very highly by clients:
  • “Dr. Leach is great. He jokes with us and he isn’t in a hurry to get rid of us.”
  • “He answers all of our questions in a way that we can understand.”
  • “Dr. Leach treated me like a real person.  He genuinely cares about me and my situation.”

Dr. Leach is often at the clinic on his days off in order to meet patients and to oversee their ultrasounds. On several occasions he has remarked about how he loves being at The Crossing. Dr. Leach is not only a very valuable, generous, and appreciated volunteer medical director, but he is also a very valuable, generous and appreciated HFM provider serving as a living example of its extended mission far beyond hospital walls and clinical settings.