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Gallstone surgery

When should I consider surgery for my gallstones?

If you have gallstones, you may want to take care of them soon so you can enjoy life again.

Here are some reasons to consider:
  • Gallstones don’t go away on their own.
  • You can enjoy meals with family and friends again without fear of pain.
  • Putting off taking care of the stones might cause the need for emergency surgery or could lead to pancreatitis, a life-threatening disease.
  • A planned surgery typically results in your being able to go home the same day, while if you wait until your condition requires emergency surgery, you could be in for a lengthy hospital stay and higher risk of complications.
  • Your insurance deductible may be higher next year so it’s good to consider having the stones taken care of before it goes up.
  • Most gallstones can be taken care of using minimally invasive techniques with tiny incisions, getting you back to your activities quickly.
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