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Grateful Patient Program

 Say "thank you" to the people
who were there
when you needed them most. 

is a thoughtful way to recognize
the excellence of care
you or a loved one
received at Holy Family Memorial.

 "I wanted to thank all of you for your help while I was in the hospital. Everyone was very friendly and quick to answer my questions. I felt comfortable and less anxious because of how I was treated during my stay."

Your donation is a way of saying "thank you" to Holy Family Memorial for your quality of care or to recognize the people who were there when you needed them most--your doctors, nurses, therapists--any member of the health care team who has made a memorable contribution to your health care experience.

This method of giving helps further Holy Family Memorial's mission in many ways:

  • Special Medical Equipment
  • Support of a Specific Service
  • Where Needed Most Fund

Your special gift helps HFM provide quality health care services for you, your family, and our community.

 Going above and beyond is what Holy Family Memorial is all about 
. . . creating rainbows for each of our patients.

Click here to make a donation to Holy Family Memorial through the Grateful Patient program.