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In Manitowoc County, Holy Family Memorial (HFM) provides access to all vital health services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with over 280,000 patient visits in 2012.

In addition to providing quality health care, Holy Family Memorial also contributes to the local economy through the people we directly employ, the goods and services we purchase and the taxes we pay.

Holy Family Memorial supports other local businesses through “multiplier effects” that are generated in three ways:
  • HFM’s purchases create industry revenues for local businesses and “indirect” jobs and income for their employees.
  • HFM employee purchases generate “induced” income and jobs for other businesses in the community.
  • Wages and salaries are subject to federal, state and local taxes.
What is HFM’s Impact on the Community in 2012?

  • Provides jobs for 1133 employees and supports an additional 710 local jobs created indirectly through hospital purchases and employee economic activity for a total of 1843 jobs.
  • Accounts for $197,373,524 in economic activity. The direct effect of Holy Family Memorial is $131,758,027 and includes revenues from services provided by the network.
  • Contributes $108,115,054 in total income to the community.
  • Provided nearly $1,304,000 in direct Community Care (financial assistance to patients) during 2012
HFM also offers an array of special programs and activities to help meet the community’s broader health and social needs. Our community programs include educational outreach, health screenings, support groups, and many other charitable services.

Sources: HFM, UW Extension, & Wisconsin Hospital Association
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