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Holy Family Memorial (HFM) has provided health care services to Manitowoc County since 1899, but our impact to the community goes far beyond the care we provide. HFM is committed to the best interests of our community and takes an active role in improving and supporting local businesses and civic interests. We believe that a community’s health is measured physically, economically and socially – and that a sound one creates a welcoming environment for employers, employees and visitors alike.

While many have come to rely on HFM because we provide access to vital health services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, not everyone is familiar with everything we do. In 2013, we fulfilled more than 280,000 patient visits including:
  • 12,872 Emergency Department visits
  • 233 births
  • 933 catheterization procedures
  • 3,764 surgeries
  • 153,479 clinic visits
It’s likely that the care you receive at Holy Family Memorial will be provided by a friend or neighbor as most of our 1,150 employees not only work here, but also live here, shop here and get involved here. They also have chosen Manitowoc County and are proud to indirectly support an additional 710 local jobs through hospital purchases and employee economic activity.

HFM also offers an array of special programs and activities to help meet the community’s broader health and social needs. Our community programs include educational outreach, health screenings, support groups, and many other charitable services.

As you support Holy Family Memorial, you also contribute to the local economy through the people we directly employ, the goods and services we purchase and the taxes we pay.
The attached table shows a summary of Holy Family Memorial’s economic impact – more than $409 million.

Sources: HFM, UW Extension, & Wisconsin Hospital Association
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