Finally, there’s a hearing device that lets you hear the way you should...all the way around.

Until now, traditional hearing aids haven’t been able to process sound fast enough to help you hear all the way around you. So they would focus just on the speech directly in front of you, and suppress everything else. This would help you hear the person you were looking at, but not much else. It wasn’t perfect. But until now, it’s been the best that hearing aids have been able to do.

No more tunnel hearing.

That’s all changed with Oticon Opn™ the revolutionary new hearing instrument , from Oticon. Opn is Oticon’s biggest technical breakthrough ever. Its processor chip is 50 times faster than anything Oticon has ever built — a quantum leap in speed. That’s fast enough to break out of the tunnel and help you hear in all directions, the way you were born to hear. And that’s a giant leap in hearing device technology.

Learn more about this remarkable technology by watching this five-minute video.

If you are interested in learning if this hearing device might be able to help you, call (920) 320-4760 to set up an appointment today.

Join us for a Free Educational Seminar on the Oticon Opn™ on May 2 at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. Attendees will be able to make an appointment for a free hearing screening and a free two-week trial of the Oticon Opn™ hearing device. Due to limited seating reservations are required by calling (920) 320-4760.

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