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Hernia Repair

If you have a hernia problem, you may wonder why it’s important to have it fixed now rather than later.

Here are some reasons to consider:
  • Hernia problems don’t go away. They need to be surgically repaired at some point.
  • Waiting could cause your hernia to become strangulated, where the blood supply to the intestine is cut off, and you would then need emergency surgery because your life would be at risk.
  • If you have your hernia repaired early, you will potentially be off work for a shorter time than if you wait and your condition worsens.
  • Having your hernia repaired now will take the the fear out of working out or doing manual labor — you’ll be free and clear to move as you please!
  • Some employers require new hires to get known hernias fixed before they can start work.
  • Healthcare deductibles are growing not shrinking.

    Get your hernia fixed today!
If you have more questions, please feel free to call HFM General & Vascular Surgery.