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Innovative: Innovative caregiver

HFM is a true innovator in healthcare. We are ALWAYS searching for new and better ways to deliver care, to better meet YOUR needs and ensure you get the Right Care, in the Right Setting, to achieve the Right Outcomes.

What this means is that you will be able to experience the most current technology right here in Manitowoc County, delivered with compassion by our extraordinary team of caregivers.

Here are just a few examples of our innovations and expanding offerings in healthcare:

  • EASE™ (Surgical Area)    
    Surgery can be a scary experience for the patient and their loved ones. Finding out you need surgery can lead to anxiety for both you and your loved ones. Holy Family Memorial offers the EASE application during major surgeries at Holy Family Memorial Medical Center. The EASE application is a HIPPA compliant texting application that allows your family and friends to receive updates from the operating room to their mobile device. Read more about the EASE app.  

  • SPOT™ Vision Screener (Pediatrics)    
    SPOT Vision Screener is to be used as an innovative process to identify early signs of disease in order to implement early treatment and reduce the emergence of eye diseases such as Amblyopia. SPOT Vision Screener is less time consuming, more efficient, and provides much more specific information.  

  • Self-Refer Imaging Tests    
    Lung Cancer Screening
    Healthy Life Screens

  • Direct Access Testing (DAT) 
    More than 50 single laboratory tests and 17 panels of tests can be ordered at HFM without a physician’s order. DAT gives you the option to choose the test you want by simply filling out an order and consent form. Results are sent directly to you to share with your physician. This testing allows you as a health conscious consumer to be more participative in maintaining or improving your health.

  • Direct Access Therapy
    Direct access to physical therapy is your opportunity to be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist without first needing to see your physician for a prescription. Direct access allows you to save time and money, thereby expediting your treatment, relief and recovery!

  • Clinical Trials
    You are now able to enroll in a clinical trial at HFM. We are currently offering cardiovascular trials, cancer trials, and Rheumatology trials. We are looking to expand and offer clinical trial opportunities in other specialty areas; i.e. Gastrointestinal, Urology, Primary Care, Participating in a clinical trial offers you the chance to make decisions regarding your healthcare while receiving cutting edge treatment for your disease.

  • HFM Survivorship & Rehab
    HFM Survivorship & Rehab program helps cancer patients prepare for treatment and recover more quickly and completely. The goal is to minimize the side effects of cancer treatment and to encourage survivors to have the best quality of life possible. The HFM Survivorship & Rehab program offers patients comprehensive, coordinated cancer prehabilitation and rehabilitation. The team is made up of staff from HFM Rehab Plus, The Wellness Center and the HFM Cancer Center.
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