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Kidney Stones

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Kidney Stone Treatment
  • The decision to treat kidney stones should be individualized between the patient and urologist.
  • Stones should always be treated if causing severe kidney blockage, constant or repeated pain attacks, infection or significant bleeding.
  • When stones are not harming you, then it is not so straight-forward.
  • Tiny one to two millimeter kidney stones usually don’t need treatment if they are not causing pain, visible bleeding or infection. They usually stay silent or pass with little problem.
  • Large stones, however, are another matter. The fact that you have pain suggests it is moving around, blocking the kidney periodically.

Treatment with Lithotripsy
Most stones are treated with external shock wave blasting (lithotripsy) or by ureteroscopy, a scope procedure using laser to fragment the stone if in the ureter tube. These incisionless procedures are same-day, under anesthesia, with minimal recovery time. They are 90 percent effective with one treatment. Ten percent may need a second treatment, but most not.

Lithotripsy is available at HFM Medical Center

  • Monday - Friday
  • Weekends in case of emergency