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Local Subcontractors

Local Subcontractors

We’re keeping business local.

We are pleased to announce our list of subcontractors for the HFM Lakefront Campus project — all of which are from Wisconsin! We have been working with J.H. Findorff & Son of Milwaukee on the project, and have partnered with them to hire the subcontractors, with an emphasis on local contractors.

“We are thrilled to award the majority of our contracts to subcontractors residing in Manitowoc and surrounding counties. This was an intentional decision in order to maximize the impact to our local economy and demonstrate our commitment to this community. It is exciting that so many local firms will be working together to create an innovative healthcare destination campus right here in Manitowoc County”

- Jane Curran-Meuli, COO & EVP, Holy Family Memorial

Among the local subcontractors on the HFM Lakefront campus are:

  • Ahern – Fire Suppression
  • Corcoran Glass and Paint – Painting
  • Faith Technologies – Electrical
  • G & W Plastering – EIFS and Air Barriers
  • Hamann Construction Company – Cast-in-place concrete, Carpentry
  • Kaeden Services – Tile & Flooring
  • Kip Gulseth Construction – Earthwork
  • KMI Construction – Masonry (Waukesha County, WI)
  • Maritime Plumbing and Mechanical – Plumbing and Site Utilities
  • Martell Construction – Concrete Paving
  • Muza Metal Products – Metal Panels
  • Northeast Asphalt (NEA) – Asphalt Paving
  • Northern Metal and Roofing Company – Roofing
  • Schaus Roofing and Mechanical Contractors – HVAC
  • SPE/Daigle Brothers – Metals (Lincoln County, WI)
  • Tri City Glass and Door – Glass and Glazing
  • VerHalen Commercial Interiors – Acoustical Panels
  • Vinton Construction Company – Site Demolition
  • Wall-tech – Studs and Drywall (Waukesha County, WI)
  • Wisconsin’s Window Concepts – Window shades (Waukesha, WI)
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