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Scheduling your mammogram may not be the first thing on your to-do list, but it should be. Early detection is your greatest ally in the fight against breast cancer. With a 98% national survival rate when caught early, having an annual mammogram is your best chance to beating this disease. 

Please make your mammogram appointment -
we guarantee it will be time well spent.

Early morning, lunch hour, late afternoon &
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Screening Mammograms

7 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

September 13 October 11 November 8 December 13 

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Free Digital Mammograms
During the month of October, 50 FREE screening mammogram appointments will be available. Find out if you are eligible for a free mammogram by calling 320-2220 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., and a patient financial advisor will help determine if you meet the criteria. Financial need based on guidelines set by 2014 Poverty Guidelines.

Thanks to the following who made these free screening appointments available: HFM Cancer Center, HFM Women's Imaging Center, physicians of Lakeshore Radiology Associates, and Paint the Night Pink.

Learn more about cancer and prevention from the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month web site.


Self-referral Mammograms 

We now offers screening mammograms on a self-referral basis all year round. Mammograms will be performed at the Women's Imaging Center in the HFM Medical Center. The cost of the mammogram will be billed to the patient's insurance company at the standard rate.

To schedule a screening mammogram, call Central Scheduling at 320-6777 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

2014 American Cancer Society Guidelines: (www.cancer.org)

  • Yearly mammograms are recommended starting at age 40 and continuing for as long as a woman is in good health

  • Clinical breast exam (CBE) about every 3 years for women in their 20s and 30s and every year for women 40 and over

  • Women should know how their breasts normally look and feel and report any breast change promptly to their health care provider. Breast self-exam (BSE) is an option for women starting in their 20s


Holy Family Memorial acquired the new ImageChecker Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) system for use in breast cancer screening to assist radiologists in minimizing false negative readings during mammograms.


    The ImageChecker CAD system acquires a digital image of the mammogram, and then analyzes the image and draws the radiologist’s attention to suspicious features that may be indicative of cancer. The ImageChecker is used as a double reading for all screening and most diagnostic mammograms performed at Holy Family Memorial.

    Computer-Aided Detection:

    • Does not require additional compression or exposure to patients
    • The radiologist typically reviews the entire mammogram first and then activates the ImageChecker monitor to see if any areas have been highlighted for additional review
    • If an image is marked, the radiologist goes back to the original mammogram to review this area of the image in more detail
    • Identifies breast abnormalities that may be an early stage of cancer before physical symptoms develop

    The American Cancer Society recommends that women ages forty and over have an annual mammogram and an annual clinical breast examination by a health care professional. Screening mammograms are done for women ages forty and over with no history of breast cancer, who are not pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy and are not having problems such as pain, lumps or discharge from either breast.

    For more information contact the Women's Imaging Center at (920) 320-3700.