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HFM is your home team
for quality care
close to home

A medical home is a TEAM who makes sure you stay healthy and get the care you need. It is not necessarily a physical location for care...probably the easiest way to understand a medical home team is to view it from a football perspective:



Holy Family Memorial - OWNER
Similar to Green Bay’s team, Holy Family Memorial is locally owned and locally operated. This means we always have the health of our community at heart, and it’s the driving force behind our medical homes. Rest assured, we do everything we can to provide the support and foundation you need for your health, from hiring the best “coaches” to state-of-the-art care available right here, close to home.

Your provider - COACH
A coach’s job is to provide the support necessary to achieve goals. As coach of YOUR healthcare, our providers do just that in a medical home: they give direction and guidance, to ensure the best possible health and wellness. From teaching the fundamentals to developing a long-term game plan, your coach will help you create successful, winning strategies for your health.

Your Nurses & Medical Assistants - ASSISTANT COACH
Coaches can’t run a team on their own ... they need to be surrounded by assistants who work together to ensure a positive outcome. In a medical home, the assistant coaching staff includes a qualified team of nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants who often serve as the liaison between you and the provider, ensuring you understand the game plan and work together toward your health & lifestyle goals.

You are the quarterback of your medical home. You call the plays as you drive “down the field.” In this role, you collaborate with the coach and rest of the team to achieve a healthy goal ... the best possible outcomes. Then you celebrate the victories together!

HFM Wellness Center - DEFENSE
A good defense is the foundation of any team, and it’s the same for your health. Preventive care is part of a healthy game plan, especially in a medical home. HFM’s Wellness Center offers personalized fitness programs, one-on-one nutrition coaching and wellness classes to help boost YOUR defenses, whether you are recovering from an injury or training to stay in the game.

Your medical home “special teams” are the HFM specialists ... a group of healthcare providers recruited from some of the most prestigious institutes in the nation who may be called upon as part of your game plan. From orthopaedics and cancer care to cardiac care and more, your specialists play a key role in your medical home when unexpected illness or injury occurs, to get you back in the lineup. 

When you talk to your Medical Home providers... 

Tell your story well

  • Describe all your symptoms or problems clearly
  • Stick to the point
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss sensitive or embarrassing topics
  • Be honest
  • Share your point of view

Ask questions 

  • What is my main concern? 
  • What do I need to do? 
  • Why do I need to do this treatment or testing? 

Be prepared 

  • Find out more about your disease or illness
  • Know all of the medications and supplements you are taking
  • Write down your questions before your visit
  • Bring someone along to help you ask questions and understand


Your HFM medical home team offers a definite homefield advantage. They: 

  • put YOU are at the center of care
  • offer state-of-the-art care close to home
  • provide care that is accessible, convenient, coordinated and comprehensive
  • are focused on you and your family
  • offer more streamlines and appropriate care with less waste, lower costs and most importantly, better outcomes
  • have experts, specialists and lifestyle management, right on site; right here for you.




HFM Internal Medicine
Woodland Campus
1600 Woodland Drive
Manitowoc, WI 54220
Phone: 920.320.6212


HFM Family Medicine
Harbor Town Campus
1650 S. 41st Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220
Phone: 920.320.4500