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Find the RIGHT provider for YOU! 

Finding the right provider for you and your family is important to your health. That’s why we offer 10-minute “meet and choose” sessions with our providers AT NO CHARGE to allow you to sit down one-on-one, learn more about each other and enhance your comfort level ... with NO follow-up obligation! Below are our primary care providers currently accepting new patients.

Feel free to visit with one or all ... simply call the appropriate clinic and ask for your “meet and choose” visit, or click on the clinic name to get more information about each provider.

HFM Family Medicine
Harbor Town Campus  (920) 320-4500 

Jeffrey Corrigan, MD 

Xa Xiong, MD

Brandon Beck,

Derek Harmelink,

Jessica Meyer,

HFM Internal Medicine

(920) 320-6212

Robert Cornwell,


Pradeep Giriyappa,

Annette Kaminsky, APNP

Holly Kempers, APNP

HFM Pediatrics
(920) 320-4300


Robert Greene,

Amy Stockhausen,

Andrea Taleon,

Grace Black, MD
Starting October 2014

HFM Women's Health
(920) 320-6705


William Leach, Jr., DO

Jennifer Paltzer, DO 

Denise Warren, DO

Leslie Bolander, CNM

HFM Two Rivers Health Center 

Colleen Marx, APNP 
(920) 793-3900  
HFM Manitowoc Health &
Rehabilitation Center Clinic

Lorraine Jackson, MD
(920) 320-6640 
HFM Shady Lane

Sherri Glandt, APNP
(920) 320-6620

What is the difference between internal medicine and family medicine?

Patients are able to seek primary care from either a family medicine or internal medicine provider. While they are similar in scope, there are subtle differences between the two specialties.
Training: One of the main differences between family medicine and internal medicine physicians is the content of their training. Family medicine doctors learn how to diagnose and treat diseases of both children and adults, and they also receive obstetrical training. Internal medicine doctors study to treat adults, without any obstetrical training.

Focus: Family medicine and internal medicine doctors differ in their focus. Family doctors tend to be generalists, since they treat adults and children. Internal medicine doctors tend to specialize--not only in adult medicine, but also in one of 13 subspecialties of internal medicine, like cardiology or gastroenterology.

Patients Seen: Family medicine doctors treat all ages of patients, from babies and young children to adults and geriatric patients. Internists treat only adults.