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HFM Memory Assessment Center

Helping inviduals who have noticed memory problems...

HFM Memory Assessment Center
1818 Memorial Drive
Manitowoc, WI
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Phone: 920.320.6285

The Memory Assessment Center Team

The HFM Memory Assessment Center
is affiliated with the
Wisconsin Alzheimers Institute


Struggling with Memory Loss? 

A specialty clinic providing individuals a personalized evaluation to determine if they are affected by neurodegenerative diseases typically seen in the elderly. We value early detection because there is evidence that treatment can slow the progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia.

What Does a Memory Assessment Involve?

During your visit you and your family will meet with three members of the treatment team:

  • Psychologist - the patient meets with the psychologist for evaluation of memory functioning
  • Social worker - family members will meet with a social worker who will gather information from the family regarding their concerns
  • Neurologist - the visit will conclude with an examination by the neurologist and final meeting to discuss findings and treatment recommendations

The social worker, who is an outreach specialist with the Alzheimer’s Association, is always available by telephone if you have follow-up questions after the visit.

Who Should Consider a Visit to the Memory Assessment Center?
Serious memory loss that seems to get worse over time and begins to affect your daily functioning, however, is not normal at any age. Many individuals who come to our clinic want to know if the memory changes they are experiencing are a normal part of aging or if they are associated with a medical problem such as dementia.

Dementia With and Without Memory Loss
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and in its early stages involves gradual memory loss. Not all dementia related diseases begin with memory loss, however.

Sometimes, early signs of a neurological disorder may be:

  • a change in behavior or personality
  • hallucinations
  • visuo-spatial processing deficits
  • problems with communication
  • or other changes in thinking

At the HFM Memory Assessment Center, our team is able to accurately assess, diagnose, and treat cognitive disorders that may initially involve other brain functions (such as Picks Disease, vascular dementia, or Lewy-body dementia.)

Referral Information
The HFM Memory Assessment Center takes referrals from a number of sources including self-referrals, primary care physicians, and social service agencies. We will consult with your primary care physician to coordinate a plan of care to best address your needs.

Payment for Service
The HFM Memory Assessment Center accepts Medicare and Medicaid, as well as most secondary insurance plans as payment for services.