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Lakeshore Orthopaedics - Michael's Story

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After his knee replacement surgery a few years ago, Michael of Manitowoc was recovering well. He completed his therapy and was starting to resume his normal activities – including one of his favorite forms of exercise, riding a bicycle.

But while out for a leisurely ride, he hit some gravel and went down. He instinctively put his arms out in front of him to brace for the fall. At the time he got up, looked around and rode home. “I had no blood, pain, scrapes or scratches. I thought there might be something wrong, but I knew for sure there was when I got home and couldn’t turn the key all the way to unlock the house door,” recalls Michael.

At first he waited for his wife, but when she didn’t come home soon enough he decided to drive to HFM Walk In care, where they found he had broken both of his elbows – or more specifically, the radial heads on both were fractured.

Surgery was arranged with David Mikolyzk, MD, a fellowship trained hand and wrist specialist with HFM’s Lakeshore Orthopaedics. Says Michael: “I had three screws put in each elbow and both arms were in hard immobile splints and slings for five days. Then I wore just slings for quite a while, to allow time for healing. I worked into a two and then five pound weight limit for two months, which meant I couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk!”

His experience with Dr. Mikolyzk was great: “I really liked him; he was very upfront in explaining my situation in terms I could understand. He took time and was patient with me even when I had two pages of questions to ask! He was so calm and reassuring; I had complete confidence in his skills.”

Recovery was an interesting time for Michael and his wife, just to complete everyday tasks, but they got as creative as they could … even drinking coffee out of a straw and using a long handled spoon to eat.

He also started going to rehab (again) at HFM Rehab Plus, something he was no stranger to after his recent knee replacement surgery … but this time it was for different body parts. However, Michael understood the value and importance of adhering to his therapy program – “With my knee AND my elbows, I knew that if I followed the therapist’s instructions here and at home, I would have a good outcome. I was very religious about that and I attribute my excellent recovery to the great therapy I received!”

True enough, Michael’s recovery was quick and amazing. “I had a goal to get back to normal as fast as possible and be able to safely do the things I love … biking, hunting, fishing, walking, gardening, playing with my grand children, Mason and Allison … and by September I received the go ahead. I got right back on my bike!

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