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HFM Pain Management - Staying Comfortable After Surgery

Now that you have made the decision to have surgery, it is important to know about ways to help yourself stay comfortable after surgery. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication—but there are some other ways to reduce your pain and stay comfortable.

This video will:
  • tell you things you should know about pain medicine
  • help you to choose some other things you think will help you keep comfortable after surgery
  • choose activities that can even be done before surgery to help you feel calm, because many people feel nervous while they are awaiting their surgery day. Feeling calm helps you to heal faster.
After the Video
  • You will be asked to complete a Pain Management Action Plan. You should have received this paper from your doctor’s office.
  • Bring this plan with you to your pre-op appointment so your doctor can review it with you.
  • The nurses at the hospital will use this to help you after surgery, and your family or caregivers can use this to help you at home, too.

Enjoy the video, and thank you for choosing Holy Family Memorial for your surgery! 


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