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Paying it Forward

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Paying it Forward

The author of this letter requested her story be told but requested anonymity.

Dear Holy Family Memorial,

I am happy to send this donation to you. I ask that you use this money to help others who are down on their luck and cannot afford the health care they might need. This is important to me because at one time, that was me.

I’d like to tell you my story. I am a life-time resident of Manitowoc County and have worked in professional jobs for many years. I was always fortunate to have health insurance so I was covered when I needed health care. But, several years ago that changed. Things happened in my life, and I found myself temporarily without employment. I also did not have health insurance at the time.

During that time, I had an unfortunate accident and required surgery—several of them in fact. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to have surgery because I was without health insurance. But, thankfully, you at Holy Family Memorial, my long standing provider of choice, understood my situation.

Your financial counseling people reviewed my information and determined I was a suitable candidate for community care. I was thrilled to hear that. I subsequently had surgery and recovered. This was only possible because you at HFM provided me with a generous allotment of nearly $50,000 in community care for the surgery and rehabilitation I needed. I was so thankful then and am even more thankful today, for the kindness and compassion you all showed.

I am in a better place financially today and want to show my appreciation. I hope that this donation can help others in need. HFM is a wonderful hospital with excellent doctors and nurses and I am so thankful you helped me out when I was in need.

A Grateful Patient


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