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HFM Pharmacy

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Please allow a minimum of 4 hours to fill your prescription.
To confirm that your order is ready, you may call
your pharmacy prior to pick-up.


Why wait or drive to pick up your meds?

Delivery Service
We offer monthly delivery service to our customers who receive their medications via our compliance packaging.
Call us for more information on whether compliance packaging is right for you.

Prescription Savings Club...
If you do not have prescription drug coverage or your insurance does not cover all your prescription drug needs, our Prescription Savings Club card can provide significant savings on medications for you and your family.

mobileRx...refill your prescriptions through your cell phone

Calumet Avenue Pharmacy: 
Phone: 920-320-4400

3310 Calumet Avenue

Manitowoc, WI 54220
(920) 320-4400

Pharmacy Hours: 

Monday-Friday -----  8:30 am - 6 pm (Drive thru open until 6:30 pm)
Saturday -----------
9 am - 2 pm
Sunday -------------

Pharmacy Services include:

MedSync - Did you ever wish your medications could all be refilled at the same time? At HFM Pharmacy, we can make that happen. We know you are busy, and may not always have time for multiple trips to the pharmacy each month. Stop in and ask us about our MedSync service. We can coordinate your medication refills so they are all due at the same time each month, saving you time, and simplifying your life.
Computerized Profiles and Records
Innovative Medication Packaging Systems
Medication Therapy Management 
Drug Utilization Reviews
Drug-Drug Interaction Screening
Drug-Disease Interactions
Refill Authorization
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Patient Education Programs
Medicare Part D plan reviews:
Call us to schedule a review of your current medications to assist you in the selection of a Medicare Part D insurance plan
Our pharmacists are certified to administer adult immunizations, including Zostavax, a vaccination to protect against shingles or herpes zoster. Please see our Zostavax information form for more information.
Stuck in the Medicare Donut Hole?
If you're stuck in the Medicare "donut hole" (the gap in prescription costs between your deductible limit and your out-of-pocket limit), HFM Pharmacy can help! We offer Medication Therapy Management consultations, a face-to-face meeting with a pharmacist who reviews your medications to ensure you are getting the best care while potentially reducing monthly out-of-pocket costs. View Consult Brochure for details.

24-hour emergency service Call (920) 320-3559
The pharmacist on call will make arrangements to either meet you at the pharmacy or deliver your prescription directly to you. If you are not a regular customer there is a fee for this service.

HFM Family Health Shoppe
is located in the same building

Other HFM Pharmacy locations: 
Meds to Go, HFM Harbor Town Campus