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Alan Sbar, MD
Board Certifications
  • General Surgery
Medical School: George Washington University, Washington DC
  • HFM General & Vascular Surgery
Other Information
Dr. Sbar is a world traveler and the Medical Director of HFM’s Travel Medicine Program. If you are planning a trip abroad he can help. He and our travel health professionals will discuss your unique needs for a safe and healthy trip in addition to developing a personalized vaccination plan based on your itinerary. For more details click here: http://www.hfmhealth.org/travel  

As specialists in many types of surgery, we assist patients and their primary physicians by performing evaluations and consultations for medical problems. If surgical intervention is felt most appropriate, our physicians will discuss this in more detail, and personally attend to you as your surgeon.

We provide diagnostic evaluation for symptoms and problems related to the following disorders:
• thyroid gland
• breast
• lung
• esophagus
• abdominal cavity
• stomach
• gallbladder
• liver
• intestines (small bowel and colon)
• rectum 
• appendix
• veins
• arteries

Treating the following specific problems:
• breast lumps
• heartburn
• swallowing problems
• stomach ulcers
• gallstones
• appendicitis
• bowel obstruction
• colon polyps
• hemorrhoids
• rectal bleeding
• abdominal pain
• weight loss
• varicose veins
• bronchitis
• chronic cough
• poorly responding pneumonia
• diverticulitis
• dysfunction of colostomy or ileostomy
• goiter and thyroid nodules
• hernias

Offering screening, diagnosis and surgical treatment for common cancers including:
• colon
• rectal
• breast
• esophagus
• stomach
• lung
• liver
• skin
• melanoma
• thyroid
  • Surgery
HFM General & Vascular Surgery
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Manitowoc, WI 54220
Phone: (920) 320-3165
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