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Quality News Flash: We are proud to say that Holy Family Memorial is participating in ALL 10 of Wisconsin Hospital Association’s “Partners for Patients” initiatives and leading the state in level of participation and achievement… a partnership focused on improving the quality, safety and affordability of health care state wide. Learn more here http://www.wha.org/partnersforpatients.aspx

Quality Excellence at Holy Family Memorial


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We hear more and more about quality scores at hospitals these days. Checkmarks, stars, numbers…. what does it all mean? It can get quite confusing, but hopefully we can help you sort it all out.

Click on the links below to learn more about specific areas of quality at HFM, what these scores mean, and how we are committed to performance excellence in all we do. And if you have any questions on our quality, please do not hesitate to contact us.

-  How to use quality data
-  About HFM's quality scores
-  A snapshot of our quality scores
-  2012 Impact on the Community
-  Price Comparison
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Safe: Avoiding injuries or harm  

Efficient: Using resources wisely

Gold Seal: Certified & accredited

Effective: Getting the best results
Recognized: See our quality scores
Innovative: Innovative caregiver 

Family centered: Respecting patient and family values  

Equal: Serving all patients 
Our promise: Our quality promise to you