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Recognized: See our quality scores

Following are some of the many organizations who offer reliable public information about the quality and safety of care provided by hospitals, including Holy Family Memorial.

Hospital Safety Score
HFM scored better than 60% of Wisconsin hospitals on Hospital Safety Score, with a score of “A.” To search Holy Family Memorial's scores, type in the zip code (54220) on the Hospital Safety Score website: http://www.hospitalsafetyscore.org
Wisconsin Hospital Association’s Checkpoint offers reliable, valid measures of healthcare in Wisconsin. As you can see, HFM scored nearly perfect in many of Checkpoints measures. In addition we continue to improve our infection rates better than the national comparison. For more information visit www.wicheckpoint.org

Hospital Compare
You can use Hospital Compare to find hospitals and compare the quality of their care. For example, Holy Family Memorial exceeds average scores with 0 inpatient falls or traumatic injury occurring during a hospital stay. This is safety in action! To see additional data visit http://www.medicare.gov/HospitalCompare

Joint Commission 
Joint Commission is the gold standard by which hospitals are held to. HFM is proud to say that we are an accredited hospital and that we meet or exceed all standards related to National Quality Improvement Goals. See additional data here: http://www.qualitycheck.org/qualityreport.aspx?hcoid=7658#   

Why Not The Best?
This is a quality improvement resource for health care professionals. See why HFM is among the best… we scored close to perfect in many categories. For additional data, visit the Why Not The Best? website: http://www.whynotthebest.org

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