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HFM Second Opinion Program

What is the Second Opinion Program?

The Second Opinion Program offers patients, and their families, the opportunity to meet with Holy Family Memorial experts to ask questions about their diagnosis and treatment options. Our physicians specialize in a number of different procedures unique to certain medical diagnosis. We will work with you to find the best possible treatment plan and options for therapy for each particular patient.

Second Opinion Program by specialty
You can request a second opinion online for these specialties:
Get a cardiac second opinion 
Get an ENT (Otolaryngology) second opinion
Get a surgery second opinion

When should you consider a second opinion?
  • You want to confirm the diagnosis
  • You have been offered several treatment alternatives including surgery and do not know which one to choose
  • You want to be informed about all of your treatment options
  • You have questions about the risks associated with treatment and possible side effects
  • You have questions regarding the length of treatment and how long it will take you to recover
  • All of your questions have not been answered
  • You want to be reassured about your care
Holy Family Memorial adheres to the strictest guidelines regarding a patient’s privacy and confidentiality.

Will my insurance pay for a second opinion?

Many insurance companies do provide for second opinions. It is your responsibility to find out what is and is not covered by your health insurance plan. Uncovered expenses are the patient’s responsibility. We will make every effort to provide care for you and will not allow financial concerns to hinder your care.

Will you send a copy of the second opinion to my local doctor?

The consultation report will be sent only to the person(s) that you designate. When you request a second opinion, you will be asked if you want copies of the second opinion report sent to your primary care physician. If so, you will be asked to provide your physician's name and full address to our staff member. While physician referrals are gladly accepted, a physician referral is not required for your evaluation in the Holy Family Memorial Second Opinion Program.