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Sportsmetrics Prevention Program

Don't be left on the sidelines!

This research-based program is proven to enhance athletic performance AND prevent ACL injury
...for athletes of ALL ages.

What is Sportsmetrics™?   Our six-week Sportsmetrics Prevention Program:
  • meets three times a week
  • plus one pre- and post-test
  • a total of 20 visits
  • taught by a certified Sportsmetrics trainer

NOTE: It’s important to be there for the testing dates as this is how we obtain results for the program.

Cost: $180
  (Only $9 per session!)

To Register:

Call HFM Wellness Center at 320-4600

Although the cost of staying healthy and active is priceless, our Sportsmetrics Prevention Program is only $9 per session! Money well spent for a clinically-proven program to enhance ATHLETIC performance and prevent injury! Includes small group (1:6 instructor: participant ratio) training that provides participants the attention they need.  

Sportsmetrics™ is a scientifically proven, six-week jump training program that incorporates proper stretching, special plyometric exercises and weight training. It focuses on developing overall leg strength as well as improving balance in strength from the front to the back of the thigh.

Through specialized progression of jump/plyometric drills, athletes learn proper techniques for jumping and landing; increase overall leg strength; improve symmetry in right-to-left leg power and improve vertical jump. 
How can I reduce my risk?  
  • There are 250,000 ACL injuries in the U.S. each year.
  • The majority of ACL injuries are in athletes age 25 and under, and it peaks at high school age.
  • ACL is the 6th most frequent orthopaedic surgery.
So what can you do to reduce the risk of serious knee injury? Get screened for injury risk! Our Sports Injury Test evaluates strength, function, flexibility and body mechanics. Get involved in a training program tailored to correct deficiencies. 
What can it do for ME?  
It addresses your needs. Sportsmetrics™ is the first program scientifically proven to decrease knee injuries in female athletes. But it is not just for females! Males will benefit from developing overall leg strength and perfecting jumping and landing mechanics, too. It has been proven to:

  • Reduce the risk of serious knee injury
  • Increase vertical jump height; up to 4”
  • Improve hamstring to quadricep strength and symmetry in right-to-left leg power
  • Improve landing mechanics and reduce side-to-side movements at the knee 

Currently recovering from a knee injury?
Therapy no longer covered by insurance?

Try our
Knee Injury Bridge Program

Available in three tiers to best meet your needs:

Tier 3 – 20 classes, $280 per participant
Tier 2 – 14 classes, $200 per participant
Tier 1 – 8 classes, $115 per participant

For more information, talk to your physician or call HFM Wellness Center at 320-4600.