Nan’s Story: Climbing the mountain of recovery.

Nan with her grandson climbing the mountains in Banff in British Columbia.

A year ago, after recovering from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, I realized that I could not ignore my dysfunctional knee any longer. I despised the idea of another blip in my routines and recreation.

Reluctantly, I began to meet with orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Kirk Dimitris and physician assistant Eric Goddeyne of HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics who patiently diagnosed the difficulty that I was experiencing in keeping up with my family, working and recreating.

No longer possible to avoid the inevitable, I had a total knee replacement in March of 2017 with serious reservations that I would never be as active as my ambitions drove me to be. I want to express not only my own, but my husband and family’s gratitude to the team at HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics. Their patience with an overzealous, strongly opinionated yet deeply anxious woman is truly what allowed me to storm right back to my normal routine and active lifestyle.

I was able to return back to work as a school nurse just five weeks after my surgery. A couple of weeks later I started working out again at the HFM Wellness Center, and was also able to return to my second job as a floor nurse. What was most important to me though was a long anticipated family excursion through the Canadian Rockies just three months after surgery and rehabilitation therapy.

It was the expertise of Dr. Dimitris and Eric that made it possible for me to thoroughly enjoy and most importantly be active throughout this two-week adventure. Family dreams and memories are forever with us because of their surgical perfectionism, guidance, support and encouragement pre- and post-operative. I truly climbed the mountain of recovery and enjoyed all that British Columbia offered!