HFM Pharmacy installs a medication disposal kiosk.

MedSafe kiosk

HFM Pharmacy has installed a MedSafe kiosk—a safe, secure drop box available for the general public free of charge to safely dispose extra or expired medications including controlled substances. The MedSafe kiosk is located inside the HFM Pharmacy, 1650 S. 41st Street, Manitowoc; and is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

“Leftover prescriptions and over-the-counter medications can post a serious risk in the home,” said Holly Dewane, managing pharmacist. “With the MedSafe kiosk, community members can safely dispose of medications, which helps decrease the risk of accidental exposure, overdose or intentional misuse."

The secure disposal box meets the requirements of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Controlled Substances Act. Community members can bring all unused medications, including over-the-counter medications and legally held controlled substances, to the self-use MedSafe kiosk.

Acceptable medications for disposal include prescription and over-the-counter pills, tablets, capsules, ointments, creams, lotions, powders, inhalers, nebulizer solutions and liquid medications. Pills should be placed in a quart-size “zip lock” style bag. Pills can be mixed into one bag. Liquids, crèmes and powers can stay in the original container with caps tightened. Liquids must be four ounces or less, in their original containers and placed in a leak-proof plastic bag. All personal identification on the packaging should be removed.

Medications and items not allowed in the MedSafe kiosk include sharps containers, needles, syringes, aerosol spray cans and any illegal drugs.

For more information about the MedSafe drug disposal kiosk, call HFM Pharmacy at (920) 320-4400.