HFM Wellness Center now offering Myzone wearable technology

Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center is pleased to announce it will be launching group exercises classes starting in June that leverage Myzone technology—an innovative wearable heart rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor heart rate, calories burned and physical activity.

“We are excited to offer Myzone to our members,” says Lisa Hansen, lead specialist at the HFM Wellness Center. “The HFM Wellness Center is the only fitness facility in Manitowoc County to offer a gamified and motivating wearable experience for members.”

Users simply wear the Myzone physical activity belt (heart rate strap) to monitor their physical activity (in or out of the gym) in real time, allowing them to view their progress on the Myzone app. The app then converts that time into Myzone Effort Points (MEP), which focuses on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

Cycling, TRX, and Bootcamp are some of the exercise classes that will incorporate Myzone training. Hansen says instructors will be teaching classes based on heart rate and members’ heart rate scores will be projected on the wall during the classes.

The Myzone physical activity belt is only available to purchase at the HFM Wellness Center. Individuals do not have to be an HFM Wellness Center member to purchase the belt. Cost is normally $90 but individuals can save $15 if they purchase before the end of May.

For more information, call the HFM Wellness Center at (920) 320-4600.