HFM installs InstyMeds™ machine.



Holy Family Memorial patients can now have their prescriptions filled before leaving the Emergency Room. HFM is the first health care facility in Manitowoc County to offer InstyMeds, a fully automated ATM-style machine that dispenses prescription medications directly to patients.

Brett Norell, president and chief executive officer at HFM, says “This is a huge benefit to patients especially after hours when local pharmacies are closed.”

Convenience is a priority for our patients, and we want to make their experience as hassle-free as possible,” said Norell. “InstyMeds is a safe, convenient way for patients to receive their prescription medications before leaving the ER.”

The InstyMeds dispenser is available to ER patients 24/7. During an ER visit, patients who need medication will have the option of filling their prescription through InstyMeds or taking it to a retail pharmacy. Each dispenser is filled with commonly prescribed medications, such as antibiotics and pain medications.

According to InstyMeds, the automatic process takes just a few minutes to complete. A medical provider enters a medication order electronically, counsels the patient on the prescribed medication and gives the patient a printed prescription with a unique security code. At the machine, the patient enters the security code, then pays with a debit or credit card. The machine performs a triple bar-code safety check before dispensing the medication to the patient in a prepackaged, labeled container.

An InstyMeds pharmacist is also available 24 hours a day to answer any questions by picking up the telephone attached to the machine.

Amy John, director of HFM Emergency Room, says it’s important to note that while Instymeds is a great service for ER patients, the machine is not designed for patients who need routine prescription refills. In that situation, patients will be asked to go to their primary pharmacy.

For more information about InstyMeds, visit instymeds.com