Ellen Rosik

Ellen went above and beyond and helped identify a significant illness for a patient of mine. On the morning of Friday, January 24th, she was drawing my patient’s routine pre-appointment labs and noted that the blood appeared “thin”. She appropriately inquired about adding a CBC which I agreed to. Thank goodness she did. The patient was then noted to be significantly anemic and hypercalcemic. Thanks to Ellen’s keen assessment skills, I was able to call the patient and inquire about how she was feeling, which wasn’t good. I then got the patient in for an appointment and subsequently admitted her to the hospital. While there, she was ultimately diagnosed with a malignancy. Had Ellen not had the foresight to come and request the CBC be added, this patient’s outcome may have been significantly altered, for the worse. I, as a provider, am extremely grateful to know that I have phenomenal staff looking out for the best interest of my patients.

Veronica McFarlane