LeeRae Groth

LeeRae took the lead on the Lean on the Lakeshore demonstration for massage therapy. She researched and compiled a partner chair-massage demonstration to give to the two groups and did a wonderful job explaining and walking the participants through the routine. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end both times as she demonstrated for the class but that is not why I’m nominating her. LeeRae is one of the most helpful and considerate people I have ever worked with. She anticipates and assists in wants and needs to make the days flow smoother as well as being eager to help when there is an opportunity; from something as simple as helping get the massage table sheets switched over and ready for the next client to opening the wellness center when the person scheduled got unexpectedly sick. Getting to see her interact with her clients, she regularly goes out of her way to assist them and very professionally converses with them while adding a very personable touch. Leading the L.O.L. presentation is just one example of LeeRae’s ability to make working with her a very positive experience. It is said that you are the cumulative of the five people you spend most of your time with and I am very lucky to get to spend my work days with her.

Sabrina Roll