HFM Lean on Lakeshore event donates to CORE.

When it rains, we look for the rainbow to follow. That is exactly what HFM Lean on the Lakeshore did when the health-focused event found itself closing early due to the coronavirus Safer at Home guidelines.

HFM Lean on the Lakeshore (LOL) is an annual event hosted by Holy Family Memorial, that encourages weight loss through healthy activity and nutrition. From January through April participants take part in exercise, nutrition and healthy living initiatives to help them on their weight-loss journey. Prizes are awarded to the participants with the most weight loss. Until 2020.

With coronavirus bringing an early end to activities, LOL participants acknowledged they are all winners of better health. But at the same time, they wanted to help find the “rainbow” out of the proverbial rain that fell on their event.

The answer? Donate the prize funds—$2,500—to Core Rehabilitation Services, the new inpatient AODA (alcohol and other drugs of abuse) facility on the HFM campus. CORE received its official state license on March 12, 2020. Shelter in Place began March 13, essentially closing CORE’s doors before they were opened.

Cor Co-director Chris Gilbert said this donation “planted little seeds of hope because it shows people see our services as important.”

While CORE cannot have groups of individuals within its facility at this time, thanks to donations like this, CORE can help those in need through virtual treatment opportunities. “This is the time to pivot, not pause,” said Gilbert. “Now is the time for vision, to know our next step will be different, and to look ahead to where we want to go. These are the moments I see God and hear Him tell us we are on the right path.”

A path made possible by making a rainbow from the rain.