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Mar 31 2014
Runner's Body

A “runner’s body.” I want to challenge the definition of what constitutes a runner’s body in detail… someday. I have been told I have a runner’s body, but for transparency, I was on a cot in the medical tent after the marathon I bonked.

The perfect body for running is yours; or was at one time before you stopped. I began running when I was about a year old. Muscle structure and aerobic capacity are a human condition for that exact purpose (unrelated to gender.) So adaptation and training is not really required; merely developed. If you can relate to your early memories of baseball, tag, etc... than you were likely encouraged and supported until you perfected a run. And then for some reason you stop running.

Whenever I hear the statement…"I HATE running" I will ask even strangers, “When did that happen?” The most consistent answer is related to breathing/oxygen and/or speed. Both comments are consistent with my own experiences and relatable in teaching other people to nurture their runner. You may never know exactly how you lost touch, but movement and gradually increasing distance IS measurable if you start with basics:

  • Mechanics of forward motion is natural.
  • Note current physical condition and mechanisms or limits.
  • Slowly redeveloping is less likely to create problems.
  • Simple re-creating a method you initially learned in “baby” steps.
  • Enjoy obtainable goals and achievements from new perspective.
  • And realize running was never really lost.

NOTE: You should not start with a marathon. There are three options for the HFM Maritime Marathon: one person, two-person or four-person teams…the two-person team essentially running 13.1 miles; the four-person team splits the distance into 4 segments; and of course the single distance of 26.2 miles.

We are geared to forward motion… from crawling, walking and running machines… and we utilize that for our objectives throughout our lives. Wherever you are in this journey of forward motion; planning, support or participant; then you really are nurturing your runner’s heart. I find new clarity every run.

Rem will be blogging about this training journey, thoughts and experiences as she prepares for the HFM Maritime Marathon on June 22.  Watch for her posts about every two weeks.

Learn more about the HFM Maritime Marathon:


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Erin April 7, 2014 at 01:53 pm

Great article, Rem. I'll be coming back to your blog to read more.

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