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Jun 25 2014
Post Marathon Event Analysis

If you see something you like... it’s yours? As I drove some of the course from Sunday there are only a few signs left of the HFM Maritime Marathon held Sunday. The droppings are not of the many species of birds along the shoreline - I refer to clothing.

Standard operating procedure in running distance is to dress in layers to conserve energy by preserving body heat; shedding as you warm up so as not to overheat. Some plan ahead, and make a trip to Salvation Army purchasing inexpensive “disposable” items for an event; and sometimes they don’t, so you may find a gem. Lululemon, Athleta, Nike, and North Face. I just want to say to the local population; if you see something you like, they will NOT be coming back for it.

The event was EXCELLENT. The course was an “Out and Back” (13.1 miles and return.) I see the wisdom and the fun of it now. I have dismissed them in the past.

  • Ample and efficient water/aid stations, enthusiastic volunteers and race support.
  • Encouraged 26.2 times and support excitement amped up when you were spotted on return.
  • Bikers surveyed participants for distress. Inquiries to me late in the event correlated to apparent visible fading but generally standard view even in the elite runners in the last few miles.
  • A nice course, with multi surfaces and amusing loops. I especially appreciated some miles on dirt.

I dreamt of a 4 hour marathon, and may have hoped for less than 5 hours to finish, but my estimate was on track. 5 hours 34 minutes. My skill exposing weakness and pitfalls and troubleshooting during an event improved to my most successful push to achievement; even if it is only recognizable to me.

In the first mile I spotted a penny on the street. Struck by childhood superstition I slowed down, which turned out to be divine intervention. The modified pace was essential to finish and the reminder was at 18 miles when weariness gave way to recriminations of the lost penny opportunity.

One group of reassuring supporters offered libations NOT recommended in training programs, but added new resolve when I passed the compelling celebrations the second time.

The picture of the two runners passing and doing what two runners passing do….greet, encourage, and smile at  each other. I am always humbled by the event, but to carry a flag and to run no matter what. That is worth being part of. My husband submitted the photograph.

Eight miles later I finished my 5th Marathon in 334 minutes (5:34) and the best part of the “Out & Back” is 13.1 is PONR (point of NO return) so each step serves as psychologically closer to finish.

Highlights of these events are just pushing one mile after another with a few hundred additional people accepting and giving reassurances throughout the event. The first timers facing the full marathon are great to encounter especially at the finish line. I tried to note bibs of some for post race check of “finishers” I had met along the way. One woman I had met several times and finished JUST after me. The reception from a very proud family was joy to witness. Their pride of #155’s accomplishment was clear. She was so excited she ran to me for a hug which I gratefully received. Some people mention their goal. One 3rd time Manitowoc participant, said he just wanted to beat the Badger to port; so I hope to see him again next year.

And congratulations to all who supported, volunteered, or ran, whether or not you went the distance or not. The 3rd annual Manitowoc event was in my opinion a great success. I am thinking about the 4th Annual HFM Maritime Marathon, and in the meantime, happy running.

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anita August 5, 2014 at 01:34 pm

This was a great race and I am looking forward to running it again next year! Hope to see you there! Bib #155

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