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Nov 28 2012
The HFM Transformation Story

In my first blog post, I want to talk with you about “HFM’s Transformation.” 

Let’s take a look at how HFM has changed in the last ten years:
2001 Today
  • 90-average inpatient bed hospital
  • Employing 35 physicians
  • Led by 10 senior leaders
  • Mission focused on the sick
  • Receiving local recognition
  • 35-average inpatient bed hospital
  • Employing 90 providers
  • Led by 5 senior leaders
  • Mission focused on wellness & prevention
  • Nationally recognized for safety, innovation and thought leadership

This work has not been easy but thanks to the efforts of our leadership, physicians and staff over the years, HFM is positioned well to successfully navigate the shift from the first curve (before health care reform) to the second curve (post-health care reform).  The key difference between the two curves is that in the first curve, the focus was on the acute inpatient hospital, while in the second curve, the focus is on population health. 

In the past ten years, we have reduced the need for inpatient hospital stays by 43% and held outpatient visits to a small increase of only 8%.  After factoring for the rate changes, HFM has achieved a real reduction in total hospital charges for our County of 18%.  The reduction in charges is the direct result of providing the right care, in the right setting with the right outcome.

Though we are challenged because the healthcare payment model hasn’t moved as quickly toward paying for health, we are doing the right thing for our patients and our community.  In fact, Manitowoc’s overall clinical care rating has improved by 42% in the last two years because of all the work we are doing.

Thank you again to all of our physicians and employees for all they do to make HFM a great place to receive care and to work.


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Mary Maurer December 19, 2012 at 01:15 pm

This is indeed a proud story for HFM and one that is very worthy of sharing.

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