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Mar 23 2015
Spring is in the air!

It’s that time of year again where runners are on the roads in greater numbers.
You see people out there for various reasons: people deciding to start running for the first time, those falling in love with running again after a break, and those finding themselves released from the confines of the gym. It’s great to see people out and about again. These last two weeks have been great from a running and stress relief perspective. This time of year reminds me of why I love running.

There is something so exhilarating about those first outdoor runs after a cold winter. The sunshine, the melting snow and the crisp, fresh air makes me feel so alive. There is something I get from running outside that I cannot find inside a gym on a treadmill. I feel my head is clear after these outdoor runs and I can just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. I take the opportunity to run without music and tune into my breathing, the sound of my feet hitting the road and the birds chirping.

I work in De Pere and I am very fortunate that the Fox River State Recreational Trail is steps from the back of our office. It allows me to get a quick run in on my lunch break. Early last week there were some slushy parts and landmines from dogs over the winter I had to dodge, but at least there were puddles to jump in to clean my shoes. By the end of the week the trail was clear and in perfect running condition.

The warming temperatures also mean the Mariner’s Trail has cleared so I was able to get some miles in on the weekend using part of the actual race route. Running on these paved trails is great because I can just run and not worry about traffic. Having a body of water as your scenery is a nice bonus perk.

The mileage is starting to creep up and my body is trying to get used to this increased training load. Right now, Epsom salts are becoming my best friend. It’s been awhile since I have been training at these intensities. I took a bit of time off after my marathon in January to rehab an overuse injury in my foot. I’ve been adding strengthening exercises into my routine to help build core, hip and leg strength as a way to prevent injury.

In the past I ignored the cues my body was giving me in the sake of hitting certain mileage goals for a week. Sometimes, it’s acceptable to skip an easy run for the sake of preventing injury. Runners can be a stubborn bunch (myself included), and it sometimes feels like a skipped run is going to derail the training plan. That just isn’t the case. Pushing through and ending up with an injury that puts you on the sidelines for a few weeks is far more crushing.

Listen to your body.
Know when you are just tired and sore and when it is a sign of an injury. Take notes on how you feel after a run so you can look back to determine what is just discomfort and what is a warning sign of injury. I like to use the Runkeeper app to log my runs and there is a handy section for notes on how your run went. This is nice as you go back to show how far you have come and give you clues into pesky pains.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks of training as the temperatures should continue to stay steady. The days are starting to get longer. Get out there and enjoy those runs. Fall in love with running all over again. Own the road but most of all make it a great two weeks!

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